What path should I choose? Is it even possible?

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    Hello, I'm high school student from the Czech Republic. My dream is to study in the UK, especially medicine. If it won't be possible so at least practising it there. I'm here to ask you what path should I choose?
    I'm considering these paths:
    -- Get PMQ in the CR then go to FY1&FY2 and so on... (almost free for my so no financial problem)
    -- Study regular medicine in England (very expensive for me and I might not meet requirements to apply)
    -- Study regular medicine in Scotland (more expensive than in the CR, but I would be able to handle it)
    -- Study BcS in the UK then apply for:
    ------ GEP in UK (not sure how expensive is that)
    ------ Regular medicine (path 2 or 3) (again not sure about the price)

    What is best for me? Please also consider than Czech State Maturita (our school-leaving certificate) is not accepted at all unis (It could change in next few years). UCL, Barts, Oxbridge do not accept it for medicine, but for majority BcS they do. I'm also afraid that here in the CR I can't do work experience in hospital.

    Thanks for help. (You can also correct my mistakes in this post and tell me how is my English :) )

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