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Reading books alone will not allow you to succeed.
try doing past papers, u may buy them from libraries, or online, there is a website www.onexamination.com , that allows u to do lots and lots of questions and measures ur performance and even tells u how likely u r to pass and wut areas u should on.

As for books,

1. MRCS Core Modules: Essential Revision Notes
2. MRCS System Modules (This will also help you prepare for the viva voce/oral component of Part 3 MRCS Intercollegiate).
3. MRCS Core Modules: MCQs and EMQs
4. Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine

I wish you the best of luck.
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For the critical care viva, I bought an anaesthetics viva book. It was reallyhelpful because it went back to basics on all the critical care physiology, which was something I found lacking in the surgical texts.


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driyoob said:
could anyone tell me abt the anatomy and physiology books to be read for mrcs 1 and 2
hi i suggest the following
mrcs core and systemic modules
mcq on systemic and core modules
Ellis anatomy
applied basic sciences for basic surgical training by Rafftery
baord review seies patholgy and physiology

SELECT course


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mrcs viva

hi guys
with the help of almighty i could clear both mrcs 1 and 2 together in a single shot... i could nt read much though....

but now am a little late for my prep for viva
can you all suggest me books for mrcs viva and clinicals and communication skills
thanks a lot guys


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Would appreciate your help

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Hi Guys,

Please I need a comprhensive list of materials to prepare for MRCS 1.Thank you guys.


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i read now :- MRCS core module essential revieion note as well the complete test of MRCS core and system module

Le Pom

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sorry to be a bore,
but i just wanted to know some things please,

i am doing a biochem and neuro degree.
i want to apply to medicine.
so when i graduate,
what will i need to have and do?
i know i will need at least a 2.1 and have to do gamsat.

what other exams will i need to take at graduate level and what other requirements do i have to pass?



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I bought a package of books for part A

they include :

for old part 1 there is clinical anatomy by harold ellis and 2 books for Raftery:
applied basic science for basic surgical training
and applied basic science for MRCS

which one of the 2 raftery should i study to pass the exam coz the 2 r a bit similar but the second one is smaller

and is either of them + harold elis is sufficient for part 1 or should i get something more

and for old part 2 there is passtest books: 2 books each one made of 2 volumes

are these sufficient to pass part 2

of course i know that i have to get the questions books but i am asking about the scientific material first to study before solving the questions