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Aberdeen - Institute of Medical Science (IMS)
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Gareth L

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Quite cool, but you won't get to work there unless you do a BSc. It's the shiny building next to polworth. They have the best food, so "they " nicely blocked our swipe card access, bah


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Gareth, I was about to say the same thing! :D

When I was there (two years ago, BSc Microbiology), we were quite relieved when the med students were no longer allowed access - we could get a seat in the atrium!! It used to get so packed..

You're right though - IMS does do the best food :)


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yay - doing a BSc finally has an advantage over the MBChB Course! NICE FOOD :-D

*throws away sandwich bought in hillhead*

foresterhill here i come :)


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word of advice - dont apply for accommodation in the following flats in hillhead:

hector boece court,
burnett house,
esselmont house,
keith house



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I agree - they're dumps. I lived in Kieth house in my second year. It was a dump four years ago, gawd knows what it's like now.

I've posted a new 'accomodation' thread with my views on them all :D


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I can't find the accommodation thread - so what is so wrong with those places? Do they just look bad coz if that is it then I don't care - I'm too poor to be choosy :p


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Hiii... i hav jst registered in this media i dunno exactly hw it is bt i hav been facing a very hard time doing my p.s & i jst need some ppl's choice on my p.s to see hw it is im jst applying 4 foundation year soo can any1 help mee?? :(
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Frank E

I built that :)

I went back to do some additional work there and made a point of having my breaks in the atrium. They so didn't like it the snooty so and sos. :D