USMLE Review book - USMLEHelp Step 2CK


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This book is pretty new on the market. I used it at school, when the author was selling it only on campus. It's an excellent book, with a lot of useful infomration. The images in the book are helpful, some of them not the greatest quality (but not sure now), but there really was room on every page for your own notes/drawings. I suggest you get a 4-color-clicky pen for this book to keep you in the loop.

The book is completely in color. There are lots of tables and lots of "pulling-it-all-together" images. I'm usually a color-oriented person, and I love that all the Treatments are in green, all the evaluations in red, and all the PhysExams are in blue. When you're at the test, you really remember the colors too!

This book really shouldn't be your only source of information - sort of like First Aid - you still need something to back it up. Like a Kaplan book or something.

The link to Ebay (the reason I'm posting this is because I saw it on Ebay, and thought I'd pass it along):

I think it's well-worth the price.