Useful Anatomy Websites


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Cyberanatomy Tutorials

Web based anatomy tutorials by Dr Donal Shanahan from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

Get Body Smart Anatomy

Animated Flash anatomy elearning by Scott Sheffield

Gray's Anatomy

1918 version of Gray's anatomy available online with colour illustrations

Instant Anatomy

A website with illustrations of the Human Body to aid the learning of Human Anatomy

If you have any more useful links post them here....


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You have to pay for the usage of the website - but it gives you a 24hr free trial with each email address.. I've made use of it for revision for a day... its great and makes things easier to understand!

Brilliant website!!! I use this to practice reading x-rays and cross-sectional anatomy - they are also starting to add gross anatomy - which they didn't have when I did my anatomy degree. Its almost as good as having Mc Minns!!!!



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thanks guys, those are great!! calming me down a bit about the revision, things like these makes things a lot clearer :)


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I don't think any one mentions the best free sectional anatomy website. This is a very good resource for junior doctors to learn free anatomy especially when the books are very expensive .www.