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G'day everyone,

I am posting this information for anyone who is interested in applying to the Medical program at the University of Melbourne for the July 2009 intake.

*PLEASE NOTE: there has been a significant change in the application process for the University of Melbourne for the 2009 intake. The University of Melbourne is now accepting DIRECT applications. Interested applicants no longer need to apply via ACER. As the University of Melbourne uses a direct application process, there is no benefit using the ACER system as you are restricted to applying to a maximum of two (2) Australian medical schools. It is to your advantage to use the direct application method.*

If you have any questions about the information provided below, the application process itself, or you would like to apply, please don't hesitate to contact me at any time:

You may also like to visit: for further information.

Admission for 2009 intake

- The application process has OPENED for the 2009 intake. All interested students can now submit their applications to the medical program at the University of Melbourne.

- The University of Melbourne is conducting a “pooled” application process, whereby all applications will be assessed after the deadline has passed.

- The application deadline is June 27, 2008.

- Only complete applications will be assessed. Students must submit a completed University of Melbourne International Student Application for Undergraduate Studies Application Form, all post-secondary transcripts and MCAT results. (To apply, please visit:

- Applications with all documents are submitted directly to OzTREKK.

Entry Criteria for 2009 intake

Three components contribute to selection for admission:

1. Post-secondary GPA Requirement

- Performance in the most recently completed key degree. A key degree is a bachelor’s degree, honours, master’s degree (coursework or research) or a PhD. Applicants must meet a minimum grade point average to be eligible.

- For the 2009 intake, the minimum GPA will be 5.50 (on the 0-7 scale, where 4 is a pass). This is approximately a weighted GPA of 65%.

- The GPA is calculated on the last three full-time-equivalent years of the most recent undergraduate degree, including an Honours year if applicable. Years are progressively weighted x1, x2 and x3, to give greater weight to the most recent results. For combined degrees, the GPA is calculated from the three most recent calendar years. An additional bonus of 0.2 (allocated by the University) applies to applicants who have completed a PhD. No other qualifications (e.g. Graduate Diploma, Masters) are included in the GPA calculation

2. North American Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) Result

- The University of Melbourne does not have a minimum requirement for the MCAT other than a 'P' in the written section. However, students should possess an MCAT result of '30P' and above to be competitive

- All MCAT results are valid for two years. MCAT results completed on or after August 2006 will be considered for the 2009 intake. Only applications whose MCAT results are submitted by June 27, 2008 will be considered

3. Interview

- To determine the shortlist for interview, a combined ranking of GPA and MCAT is used. Applicants are ranked from highest to lowest for both GPA and MCAT and the two ranks are added together. Applicants are then short-listed by the combined rank and interview offers made. The structured interview will be of about 30 minutes duration and will be conducted by a panel of three people, including one community member.

- The qualities to be assessed at interview include interest in and motivation for undertaking the course, likely capacity for establishing and maintaining rapport with patients in a clinical situation, communication skills, and aptitude for collaboration and decision making.

- Once selected for an interview, students are scored on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being the highest rank and 5 the lowest rank. Applicants are then ranked by interview scores and GPA/MCAT rank with each band of interview scores.

Who Should Apply

Students who have a 75% weighted GPA and an MCAT of 30P and above.

Who Should NOT Apply

Those with a weighted GPA below 75% and/or an MCAT below 30P should contact OzTREKK for alternate options.

Number of Places in the Program for 2009

- Total number of international full-fee paying places - 10

Annual Tuition Fee for International Students Commencing in 2009

- The 2009 tuition fee is to be announced. The 2008 tuition fee was $32,970 AUD for the first year of the program with a total program tuition fee for all years of study: $251,360 AUD.

- Please note that the above tuition may increase by 5% for each year of the program.

Application Fee
There is $100 AUD application fee to apply to the University of Melbourne, which is charged to all international students by the University.

How to Apply
Students who wish to apply to the Graduate Entry Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery program at the University of Melbourne do so using one of the following three methods:

1. Apply Online:
2. Download University of Melbourne School of Medicine Paper Application form:
3. Request a University of Melbourne, School of Medicine Information and Application Package:

Contact Details
If you have any questions regarding the University of Melbourne's medical program or the application process, please don't hesitate to contact the official University of Melbourne representative in North America:

Matt Miernik, Director & Medical School Admissions Officer, OzTREKK educational services, Canada


Phone: 1 866 698 7355 (Toll free)


Once again, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.



(OzTREKK educational services has been appointed by the University of Melbourne since 2002 to be the official representative)


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i am an international student currently doing my A levels in biology, chemistry and physics, i am expected A's in all
i achieved an A in IGCSE first language english, is that good enough or do i have to sit any english test, and are there any universities who will accept an A at IGCSE
i also want to ask you if i have to sit the UMAT or is it just for local students, and are there any other universities that do not require an admission test
i know this forum is just for univ. melbourne, and im sorry, but i am really lost and i will really appreciate any help


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G'day hibrahim18,

Thank you for your post and I apologise for the delay in getting back to you.

Firstly, with regards to the University of Melbourne, it is no longer offering the undergraduate entry medical program which is six years in length. The final intake in to this program was this past February 2008 and it will not be offered from this time forward.

Hence, if you wish to undertake and study medicine at the University of Melbourne, you will have to apply to the graduate entry program which requires you to complete an undergraduate degree and then either the MCAT or GAMSAT.

There are other universities in Australia which offer an undergraduate medical program which you can apply to such as Bond, James Cook and Monash. Only Monash has a entrance examination which all international students must complete - the ISAT. The other two mentioned above do not have any entrance examinations. The University of Melbourne and the University of Queensland both offer a pathway in to their graduate entry program. At the University of Melbourne you can commence in the Bachelor of Biomedicine or the Bachelor of Science and have a guarantee admission, if you maintain a certain GPA in either of the above programs, in to the graduate entry medical program. At the University of Queensland, you can apply to the BA/MBBS or the BSc/MBBS and have a provisional offer to the MBBS degree. Hence, if after two years of study in either the BA or BSc you maintain a certain GPA, you move right in to the MBBS.

Hope that this helps.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at any time.