UKCAT: usage of calculator


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Hi everyone!I'm going to take UKCAT exam in a few weeks and obviously feel very nervous. Quantative reasoning section is one of the hardest for me, so want to ask everyone who already took the exam couple of questions!))

Do you get a full number keypad to the right of the keyboard (arranged like a calculator/phone keypad), or just the numbers at the top?? Do you also get the *, /, etc signs without having to press Ctrl and the corresponding numbers? Is it better to use mouse or keyboard?

Thanks a lot, Alex


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You get a standard bulky keyboard. Turn on number pads to use keypad.
You can use * / + - and = signs (without pressing ctrl). However, it doesn't have brackets/store things in memory, so you'll have to do it in steps, and use the whiteboard provided for complex calculations. You can save a lot of time by using the key
Backspace clears the whole sequence.
Alt + N is next Page, Alt + P is previous page, Alt + F is flag, I think Alt + E is end session.