UKCAT SCORES (for 2008 takers) - poll

UKCAT scores (2008 takers) - what is your average result?!?

  • 300 - 449

    Votes: 1 0.3%
  • 450 - 499

    Votes: 4 1.2%
  • 500 - 549

    Votes: 19 5.5%
  • 550 - 599

    Votes: 35 10.1%
  • 600 - 649

    Votes: 90 25.9%
  • 650 - 699

    Votes: 104 30.0%
  • 700 - 749

    Votes: 61 17.6%
  • 750 - 799

    Votes: 24 6.9%
  • 800 - 849

    Votes: 1 0.3%
  • 850 - 900

    Votes: 8 2.3%

  • Total voters


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Verbal Reasoning - 730
Quantitative Reasoning - 780
Abstract Reasoning - 880
Decision Analysis - 750

An average of 785 for me. :)


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V.R - 690
Q.R - 740
A.R - 610
D.A - 790
707.5 average and 2830 overall score.
Personality thing said i "equally value the needs, well-being, and freedom of individuals and the laws, norms and rights of society. When you feel a conflict between what a person should be able to do and what society allows them to do you are likely to try hard to balance these interests".

Overall i was very pleased with my UKCAT, not exceptional like Giggy above me but still very strong. Just a real pity that i struggle so much with AR, i'v always been a far more logical than lateral thinker. However i shouldn't really complain as 610 is still average.
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I'm not applying to kings :p

but I do still have to decide two more places to apply to! Any recommendations?


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Mine's on the 21st August so don't have any results yet but I just need to ask a quick question to those that have taken it

you know on the sections there is not enough time to complete all the questions....well say you have like a minute left....couldn't you just quickly go through the rest of the questions and click any answer? you don't lose marks for incorrect answers do you so I was thinkin it would make sense to do that because you might get some right

also did any of you buy any UKCAT guide books or whatever? I was just gonna do the practice test on the website and that's that ok?


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It was an evil laugh iHeart, should have been more like mwhahahahahahahaha.

I didn't do BMAT so you're safe for now. I might apply to Barts though. Or maybe Manchester. Or Newcastle. Or Glasgow. Or anywhere that will accept me!


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yeah Gooner, in a roundabout way it recommends that during the actual test. I know I guessed about 20% of the QR questions!


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the bmat is not until november, so you have time to change your mind and apply to imperial or ucl. will imperial let you do a 5 year course with your current degree?


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I suppose that's true. But I already did UKCAT and need no more stress!

I think Barts looks quite good, so does Dundee. However, I am quite comfortable in Edinburgh - which also has an amazing medical school!


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i liked it for two years, but then i wanted to be in a bigger city. i did not like the summers when it would be inundated with visitors!


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Yeah I finished my BA and then did an MA in London. I began doing a PhD and then realised that I was following the wrong path. That is the danger of doing one degree after the other without any breaks.