UKCAT RESULTS (2007 takers)


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Hey guys, did you just get an email from Pearson about the UKCAT 5th section? I got mine reevaluated and it is much more accurate than what I had got at the test center. Also, since the 5th section is still in its trial version, "The results for Subtest 5 will not be made available to universities for selection this year for any UKCAT candidates."
yeah i just got that...
except i had nothing else added to mine...

and it SUCKSSS.. im so PISED.. .why aern't they sending it?
mine was really goooooood.. they said i was a caring person, etc, etc... damnit.

my UKCAT average was 650 :/

should i be worried?


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I like it when people are honest about their grades. well done.
I have a friend who scored 585 last year and got into Southamton!! can you imagine? Soton was one of the most competitive last year. and believe me she was no super human!
The admissions aren't stupid they know that there are more important qualities required by a doctor than matching shapes!

Aww you message is so reasuring and i hope your right, my average was 570 and i was 2 embarraesd 2 post it earlier with ppl who had 700 as an average an they were like 'do you think that gud enuf?' lolol aaaahhhhhhhh!!! hehe lol im nt rle 2 worried now co im only applying 2 2 uni's that require UKCAT. im ooo angry thta i dint practie- it said you shouldnt an i thought they'd figure out a way 2 tell if u had lol- i seriouly sound way 2 stupid 2 b a dotor dont i ?? hehe
im rele ppeeved they're nt entering the 5th subtest tho, that was my best bit- after they'd changed it grrr lolol


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I got the the email too. Mine had no additional feedback but i was happy with mine so i'm a bit gutted they're not going to use it.


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i took the UKCAT yesterday, left it a bit late to book and ended up taking it in york when i live in darlington... but never mind.

i got 2760 total, with: VR:680, QR:700, AR:730 and DA:650.

I'm over the moon with my score i was expecting 400-500 when i got out! :D Whats with all of these people whining with 800s? :confused:


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you guys are seeeeerrrriously tooo much. i mean, you're all soo bloody brilliant, it makes me want to cyper-drive myself into your computers and then unleash all these computer viruses to chomp up your work!!!!!
seriously, you all did very well and i am soo proud of everyone. i myself got 2300 total. I KNOW!!!! but you know what? if God did not help me through that test, i am so certain, as certain as the fact that Satan makes me do bad things, that i would've mucked it all up!!!
have faith my freaky darlings.....


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Well..variation is what makes human race unique..i truly understand how it feels when i saw someone posting their score for UKCAT in this forum( IS meant for them to post it).I got 657.5 in average, i wouldn't say it's very good nor is it very bad.I got over it..after all your A level's grade will have a greater influence over the admissions process. By the way, i have a friend who got 700 for UKCAT but failed to get an A for her physics trial exam in my college..while i got it..well above the score of a typical A.I'm saying this just to comfort you and not trying to offend other high scorers for UKCAT. What i'm trying to say is..don't think you don't have the ability to do well in real exams or God doesn't help you(indeed, He has his purpose for you by giving you that score), just take it easy and try to score for your A level.It's quite hard to imagine someone not getting a single place in UK for medicine with 4A's in A level.


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Hi everyone - have you all added your scores to the poll that was set up in the UKCAT thread? The more people that put in their scores the more realistic the distribution will be and hopefully ease the speculation of whether we've done fantastically well...or really badly :(

This is the thread:
Poll: UKCAT scores poll for everyone ( 1 2)
sami 111

So weary of waiting for news from anywhere!!


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i am really scored i got dramatically low dont know wot to do...oh yeah well done for the people who did well though :)

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Threads like this only serve to either worry people or over inflate their egos. Rather than waste your time posting on and reading these, you should get involved in some of the other discussions, like the state of the NHS or whether or not doctors are good in bed, to help take your mind off your application.

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Ye ye PM I know. It was just my opinion. It seems to me that a lot of people are getting worried by comparing and what's the point, their application is in. If they get too worried it could affect their study and they might not get the grades they need.

Outta curiosity, and I know this is completely off the point, but where do they speak Persian? I thought Persia doesn't exist any more, or is that Prussia? Or is it like Latin and nobody actually speaks it? Confused!:confused:


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They speak Persian in Iran... The country's been there since 1000 B.C. and as far as I know it's still there... well i hope, otherwise i have to cancel my holiday lol

Iran's always been Iran but in Greek literature it was referred to as Persia and the western countries adopted the same approach until 1935 when the Shah of Iran asked everyone to call it Iran so no one would get confused! lol but Iranians recently refer to themselves as persians for exactly the same reason ;)

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Oh I see, thanks for clearing that up! I knew a girl from Iran once. She was my biology partner in uni. She looked so ditzy but she was so smart it's funny.


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They also speak variants of Persian in half of Afghanistan as well as in Tajikistan...And oh it's a beautiful language, I've just started learning it :)


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don't put too much emphasis on the ukcat score guys, g intelligence is not the most reliable way to assess your overall intelligence. all you need is motivation if you wanna be a good doctor.
just like me hahaha

'Amor vincit omnia' ...


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don't put too much emphasis on the ukcat score guys, g intelligence is not the most reliable way to assess your overall intelligence. all you need is motivation if you wanna be a good doctor.
just like me hahaha
I don't think they're worried about what their UKCAT score says about them, but what the universities will infer from it.