UKCAT for 2015 Entry


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Devastated, just been told I can't apply to Cardiff. My dream choice. So so gutted. Didn't do well enough in my GCSE's (17 years ago!), my mother was critically ill back then, hence why I have studied later in life. Gutted. Waiting to hear from 2 more uni's! Fingers crossed.
That really sucks!!!!!!! maybe you can try Warwick they do not take GCSE OR A LEVELS into account???


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That really sucks!!!!!!! maybe you can try Warwick they do not take GCSE OR A LEVELS into account???
Thank you. Will have a look. Cardiff would have been ideal as we have a house in wales and family (to help with my daughter). But I guess I have to go where the medicine dream takes me.


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hello everyone, i'm an international student looking to study medicine in the uk......i know it is rather late but i'll be taking the UKCAT in mid- September....please i'll appreciate score raising tips and prep...btw this is my first tym...


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Hi guys, I'm a year 12 student from Perth, Australia. I did the UKCAT on the 23rd of August, and got the following results
VR - 600
QR - 790
AR - 840
DA - 580
Situational Judgement - Band 1

Average: 702.5

I was wondering whether this is a competitive score, and which universities would consider me. Also, I have done year 11 human biology here, but not year 12, and got an A grade. Is this acceptable for universities such as Kings College, which require biology?
Thanks :)


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Hey! Just signed up and popping in to say hi,
Doing the UKCAT on the last possible day (probably unwise I know!) but only time job allows!
Having a massive freak out at the AR, I just never seem to see them! Arrrrrr


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hey guys! I'm reapplying this year but not sure which universities to go for. I have done my Alevels in chemistry, biology, maths and physics and have achieved AAAB respectively. I didn't score well enough on my ukcat last year ( achieved around 675 average) neither did i choose my universities wisely. i applied to KCL, newcastle , qmul and brighton. I want to do things right this time. so I was hoping if anyone could suggest universities that consider students who have taken 2 gap years or universities which do not take the ukcat score under much consideration.
also, what online courses are useful for the ukcat prep? I used medify last time round and it didn't really have the new VR or AR questions.
Thank you.


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Hi guys, just did my test got 2510 Ar: 550 Qr:650 Ar:660 Da:650 and I got band 1 in sjt.
I have 7A*s and 4 As at GCSE and in my AS results got 3 A's and 1 B. Ive had 2 seperate weeks work experience in a hospital, 1 year volunteering at my local cancer research and 1 year of visiting an elderly person in my community with a charity, im also deputy head girl at my school. Any advice/suggestions?


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hey there. I would suggest you go for universities that do not priortise the ukcat much. for instance university of Brighton and Sussex does not consider your ukcat score while processing your application but they do look at it after the interviews.


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Hi guys,

I just sat my UKCAT test and unfortunately I got a pretty mediocre score. (Average 600).

What make it even worse is that I am an international student Obviously English held me back in the VR section. I know my chance getting into med seems to be extremely low right now, but I still want to give it a shot.
These are my intended choices:

UCL(This is my dream school...I will be sitting BMAT in November)

I am doing International Baccalaureate Diploma in Australia. Currently my predicted score is 42 out of 45, with both Chemistry and Biology at higher level predicted to be 7 out of 7.
plus heaps of community services
plus plenty work experience in hospital

Could someone have a look and tell me if I still have chance?

PS: Are Cardiff, Birmingham and Aberdeen worth considering?

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It is a shame you cannot apply for deferred entry, also, is anyone going to sit the extended version of the UKCAT, which is UKCATSEN because of a problem they have?


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Hi I'm in my AS year right now and I really want to do medicine. But unfortunately I have very little clue. I'm trying to research my way through eg. finding volunteering and work experience etc. and my current teachers are really no help so I'm thinking about changing schools from January.
I really want to get Ukcat over and done with in my AS year so if I register May 2015 would it be too early?

PS. I know I'm asking for advice out of the blue and you don't have to answer. I just thought you'd know since you're already taking the test. :)