UK med school, US residency? Should I delay and apply for US schools?


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Please can you advise - I am a 34 y.o. (UK citizen) accepted to a UK med school on a 5 yr program starting Fall 2010, and want the option to work/do a residency in the US. I have a BSc (Bio) and PhD (Mol Bio) both awarded from the UK, though the PhD research was conducted in a top-tier school/hospital in the US. I also have 8+ peer-reviewed publications.

Specific questions:

How is a UK medical education looked upon for residency positions in the US?

As an IMG, are my chances to match to a competitive or non-competitive residency in the US still poor compared to an IMG with no US research experience/exposure?

With good USMLE scores, US-based electives (4-8wks), and US LORs, would I be more competitive with my existing publications and US research work experience?

Alternatively, is it worth to delay for a yr in the hope to get accepted to the top 4 Caribbean US accredited schools (including SGU that requires no MCAT for non N. American applicants) OR up to 2 yrs to obtain a postbacc (generally US schools want US undergrad/prereqs)/MCAT and apply direct to US schools? Unfortunately I have few US credits (12 credits) when typically they require 60-90 for application.

Does anyone know of US med schools that are foreign degree friendly, or willing to accept a version that is translated to US equivalent GPA score?

Note, I am a US green card holder (therefore no visa issues) and want the option to return to the US. Another factor, the cost of tuition in UK is significantly cheaper for me compared to US.

UK tuition = 3200 GBP/yr ($5000/yr for 5yr)
US tuition = 17,000 GBP/yr ($26,000/yr for 4yr)

Feel like this is a gambling act