UK Foundation Year Stand Alone Programs (for IMGs)

Biba Baratheon

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Dear friends,
I am asking this question as an IMG with IELTS 7.5+ a current booking of PLAB1 exam (and hoping to pass it of course, IA), then go through PLAB2, and get eligibility for 'Provisional registration'. I gather this process can take many months.

We already have passed the deadline (oriel submission) for UK Foundation program Applications which closed in Aug 2017 for Aug 2018 candidates ( Can you believe it!), however the STAND ALONE FY1/FY2 Foundation Applications will start in January 2018 - Feb 2018 for the intake for Aug2018 batch, so there is still hope.

One thing is bugging me after reading the eligibility criteria for Stand alone program is that UKFPO is asking the candidates to either ' hold' full registration or expected to hold full registration before the application process. in my case I will not even be ready to apply for provisional registration before March April and the deadline for application is Feb! Does that mean I am screwed! I understand that a junior doctor will only get 'full registration from GMC' after completing Foundation-1 training, so how come stand alone position expects candidates to hold full registrations before they even start of application. I may be reading it wrong, can someone please clarify?

or Does that mean that they want to see your intention to hold a full registration? if in that case, is the PLAB booking be a good enough proof for them?

I don't know if any of you are in similar conundrum?
Please do guide me I would really appreciate your response.

Also what's the difference b/w UKFPO Stand alone FY1 and LAS FY1 positions? any comments on that?

Kind regards
Lady Baratheon


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I have the same query, any updates on this? Maybe the stand alone programmes are to give a chance to applicants who didn't get allotted anywhere on the foundation programme. But you would still have to be fully registered?


Hi there. I think this could be to do with the fact you are not going through the UKFP Eligibility Office for stand-alone applications? I am British, but graduated in China this year. I have applied through the UKFP Eligibility Office for approval to apply to FY1 starting summer 2018 (which I did in October). However, I am also required to do PLAB and gain provisional registration. But the Eligibility office acts as my 'medical school' or you could say sponsor. Maybe with stand-alone applications they want/expect you to be FY2 level having done an internship abroad after graduation already?

I am only speculating however, as I have not looked into it. Also, I have not completed an internship. Without an internship the GMC don't expect you to apply for full registration from what I understand. The irony of it all is that the PLAB exam is FY2 level! Lol.

I think if you are applying for a stand-alone FY1 post (if that's possible) they wouldn't expect you to have full registration with the GMC so my guess is the post you looked at must have been an FY2 post in which case you would require full registration. I think a pass in the PLAB 2 + your internship would make you eligible to apply for full registration. However, like you pointed out your looking at about April at the earliest (provided you passed PLAB 1 in November and pass PLAB 2 in the next couple of months) before you can apply for registration with the GMC, so I don't think you would be able to apply in January but you should clarify this with the FPO.

Kind regards.