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Do most med schools have multiple choice exams on their own or do some have written exams too?


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Im at nottingham uni and we have 3 online exmas which have some multiple choice questions and then 3 written exams as well. only a few weeks til jan exams now! =[

Spencer Wells

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For preclinical we had multiple choice papers, extended matching questions, anatomy spot tests (like a MCQ, but going round the dissection room answering questions), MEQ, which is like a mini-essay paper, and an OSPE, in which you spend 8 minutes at each station completing worksheets or examining patients. For clinical exams there are EMQ papers, single best answer papers, and the OSCE, a clinical exam, as well as in-course assessment.

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In Canadian and American Schools, MCQ's are the standard until the USMLE and the LMCC exams which have the clinical reasoning which is matching and short answer. For the most part, a great website to practice medical questions is:


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At Newcastle, ALL written exams are multiple choice questions and data interpretation (i.e. stuff you've not necessarily been taught but should be able to work out from what you have). There's also an OSCE once a year where your clinical skills get tested, and that always includes CPR. In the clinical years, there's lots of different bits of 'fun' including e-portfolio's for your placements etc but thankfully no vivas any more (where you sit in front of a panel of examiners who ask you questions one-on-one).