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Training center of excellence Turkey (student congress)

Discussion in 'Medical School Interviews' started by toguz, Jan 30, 2011.

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    Jan 30, 2011
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    Trainings are becoming a part of EMSA.Different approaches and methods, from all over the world, are used, in order to make the transfer of knowledge interesting and motivating.

    EMSA gives this opportunity to every single member of EMSA in a different place, outside the official discussions of the GA or the pillar-oriented NCM.

    Besides trainings, TCE include a TNT(Training New Trainers) program for 15 participant between 22-25 March

    Shortly TCE

    EMSA TCE will be held at Yeditepe University between 22-28 March

    During this event, around 100 participants, including EMSA members and partners, are trained in soft and hard skills through 4 day program.Besides trainings, TCE include a TNT(Training New Trainers) program for 15 participant.

    Trainings are mainly focused on so called soft skills (leadership, teamwork, project management , cultural and religious differences in health care, etc.)

    Hard skills are more connected with the Medical curriculum

    you can get info about the whole program from the site :

    by SulBABA

    I can assure you that this program will be amazing and the money you gave is unbelievably cheap

    see u in yeditepe medicine school , Turkey

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