Trainee Ambulance Technician- Scotland


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Hi all, good luck to all applied and have up-incoming interview etc. So exciting.
I'm looking for some advice from you all please.

I live in Scotland and when the next intake comes up for a Trainee Ambulance Tech I will be sure to apply. I however don't have any experience in care other than caring for my in-laws who have poor health, or hold any qualifications other than my GCSEs. I work in an admin role at present and I'm keen to get into the healthcare as I couldn't think of anything better than helping others, it excites me!

I want to have the most preferrable application when i apply and want to know of any courses I should undertake to support my application. I will sit the C1, as I now have my licence endorsed for it.

Would you recommend I volunteer? I would go as far as giving up my job now for a care role. Is there any you would recommend I apply for? I was also looking into the SWAP access to nursing at my local college.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks so much,


Hi there, they've just advertised for East area if that is any use to you? Deadline for applications is 18th July i believe!

Wouldn't worry about not having worked in a care role before, it's a nice to have but not essential. If it's Ambulance Tech you are most interested in then i wouldn't bother doing a nursing course to be honest (unless nursing is another option you are looking at?). Maybe try doing some volunteer work, that's a good thing to have under your belt in general anyway (i did volunteer driving where i took elderly folk that could not manage public transport out and about once a week)

St Andrews First Aid volunteering could be a good one to check out, maybe get a first aid course to put on your cv?

Good luck!