To those that started medicine in 2008!


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I just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing?? I can't believe if I had started with you guys, I'd be in 4th year by now! How has it been? DO you all love the course? How is 4th year going?

I'm half way through my first year at St Andrews, I cant believe I finally am doing this! But so far so good, apart from a few wee issues, but I'm surviving!
Anyway, just wanted to say hi!
Hope all is well!


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Hey Pauline,

It's great to hear from you after all this time :) I'm not surprised at all to hear you managed to secure a place in medicine - keep up the good work at St Andrews. I remember how exciting the 1st year was for me and I guess I kind of envy you, being able to experience it for the very first time.

The experiences of past 3.5 years were varied.. ups and downs, at least for me personally. You'd love our first year, packed full of anatomy, biochemistry and physiology (taught by our local legends - Prof Long and Prof Cotter). The curriculum was re-designed to better match the GMC requirements and to address students' opinions - but this is not the place to describe the changes made (and whether these were for the better or worse).

I won't write an essay here about my perception of the years gone past - but atm we're all (except for the ones who dropped off/ were held back a year/ opted for doing an intercalated BSc) preparing for 4th year mocks. This year has been the most practical so far - we're on the wards all of the time, getting taught by consultants and STs and being tested on quite specialised areas of medicine. It's quite scary to realise our final written exam is upon us (June 2012) - keep your fingers crossed around that time - I could use all the support I can get ;)

Take care and good luck in the coming years,
Rob xx


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Hey Polldoll,

Off topic, I know, but would you mind elaborating on your experience at St. Andrews. I have tried to learn about the school, but I think a personal opinion would be great. Basically, would you recommend St. Andrew's for medicine?



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hey polldoll, i remember the name! glad you finally got there, perseverance does pay off. I don't like aberdeen that much, sure st andrews is better. i met some st andrews students on my gp placement in fife. but yea nearly there now, cant wait to finish.