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    due to a lot of people wasting my time I still have a huge amount of gamsat, bmat and ukcat stuff to sell in an effort to try and recoup some of the money I spent on it in the first place...if you are genuinely interested, please email or message hayleymoney at yahoo. co. uk (no spaces) I have computer files (large ones) of the des o neil, mediprep, medired and acer stuff...may have other stuff too actually

    also have the whole set of gradmed books in prep for the gamsat...a lot of thick books, all very good...also a lot of bmat and ukcat books too

    I am willing to sell for reasonable prices, not asking for hundreds so please let me kknow if I can be of help, had so many people waste my time and never paid up etc...I have given up my decision to be doctor due to increadible ill health myself..i am recov from a second major op as we speak.

    good luck to all out there who are still on the path xxxx

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