Thinking about Australia - any tips


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Anyone got any advice about moving to Oz. I'm currently in FY2 and considering a move downunder to pursue speciality training. Victoria is top of the list since I've got friends that have headed out that way.

Just starting out so any tips about registration (how easy/hard?) and job prospects would be handy.



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Hi UKDoc,

It's a fairly broad question but happy to start with some points.

The Australian's have introduced a new pathway called the Competent Authority Pathway. Previously all IMGs had to sit the AMC exams before being able to get General Registration, which is the same as Full Registration with the GMC here. With the Competent Authority Pathway, if you trained in certain places such as the UK (i think NZ, Canada, USA and Ireland are the others), you can apply for advanced standing towards the AMC certificate. If granted you will still need to do 12 months in a hospital with some supervision but no AMC exams! At the end of the 12 months you can then get General Registration, which then means applying for training posts, permanent residency etc etc.

I don't know much about the other states but a friend of mine visited a gov't website for Victoria Register your interest to work as a doctor in Victoria, Australia - Department of Human Services, Victoria, Australia It's a site where any doctor, junior or senior, can say they are interested in Victoria. He plugged in his details and was sent some pretty helpful info that explains the above. You can also nominate to have hospitals know you are interested which might be a bonus.

With job prospects, I don't have much for you. Like most places if you're prepared to work outside the big cities then I'd say there are good opportunities.

Hope this helps. Good luck.
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Thanks Droutandabout,

I'll check out the new pathway and website you mentioned.

Any other advice from people would be great ... has anyone made the move?


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Thanks for the advice. I got the info in the mail which is handy. You were right about them alerting hospitals too - so I'll wait and see.

The new pathway in oz seems promising.