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The ULTIMATE 'Get Into Medical School' Package

Discussion in 'Mature Students' started by tobeornottobe2010, Apr 23, 2012.

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    Feb 9, 2010
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    Hi all

    As a mature graduate arts applicant, I have finally managed what I often felt was the insurmountable challenge of getting into med school! As a result, I am selling much of the material that has helped get me to this remarkable position and am offering the following comprehensive package collected over the last 2 years of dedicating my life to the cause.

    With no science background, it is these materials that got me through the GAMSAT and into St George's GEM 4 year Medical Programme which I start this Sept.

    I really focused on the UKCAT too and attended the KAPLAN 2 day UKCAT Classroom Course: UKCAT Classroom Course: UKCAT Preparation in London and Across the UK | Kaplan
    In addition to the literature listed below, I am also offering all course literature given out on the course, which lays out the KAPLAN step-by-step approach to answering UKCAT qu's section by section. The course cost me £299 to attend but it's difficult to put a price on these materials on their own. If you're interested just PM me with an offer.

    The material covers A-Level science, GAMSAT, UKCAT, and medical interview preparation. I will sell as a whole as the ultimate fail safe get into medschool kit, or separatley.


    Official GAMSAT ACER 3 Books:
    -Practice Test (Green Book)
    -Sample Questions (Blue Book)
    -Practice Questions (Red Book
    RRP: £58.00.

    I will also throw in a list of Chemistry & Biology Core Syllabus content covered on the GAMSAT provided on the GRADMED course.


    -GET INTO MEDICAL SCHOOL, 600 UKCAT Practice Questions:
    Get into Medical School - 600 UKCAT Practice Questions. Includes Full Mock Exam, comprehensive tips, techniques and explanations.: Amazon.co.uk: Olivier Picard, Laetitia Tighlit, Sami Tighlit, David Phillips: Books

    -Passing the UK Clinical Aptitude Test and BMAT:Passing the UK Clinical Aptitude Test UKCAT and BMAT Student Guides to University Entrance: Amazon.co.uk: Felicity Taylor, Rosalie Hutton, Glenn Hutton: Books

    -KAPLAN 2 day UKCAT Classroom Course Materials


    -Letts GCSE Chemistry Revision CD-ROM
    Letts GCSE Chemistry 2008/09 (PC): Amazon.co.uk: Software

    -Letts Revise AS: Edexcel Chemistry:
    Letts Revise AS and A2 - Edexcel AS Chemistry: Complete Study and Revision Guide Letts Revise AS & A2: Amazon.co.uk: Rob Ritchie: Books
    Front cover has a rip but perfect condition aside from that.

    -Edexcel A2 Chemsitry Revision Guide:
    Edexcel A2 Chemistry Revision Guide Edexcel A Level Sciences: Amazon.co.uk: Ray Oliver, Geoff Wright: Books

    -NAS, Revision guide for Edexcel AS/A2 Modular Chemistry, George Facer:
    Make the Grade: AS and A2 Chemistry: Chemistry Revision Guide: Edexcel AS/A2 Modular Nelson Advanced Science: Amazon.co.uk: George Facer: Books


    -Oxford Revision Guides: AS & A Level Biology Through Diagrams:
    AS and A Level Biology Through Diagrams: Oxford Revision Guides: Amazon.co.uk: W R Pickering: Books


    -Medical School Interviews: A Practical Guide to Help You Get That Place at Medical School - Over 150 Questions Analysed:
    Medical School Interviews: A Practical Guide to Help You Get That Place at Medical School - Over 150 Questions Analysed: Amazon.co.uk: George Lee, Olivier Picard: Books

    -Succeeding in Your Medical School Interview (Entry to Medical School)
    Succeeding in Your Medical School Interview Entry to Medical School: Amazon.co.uk: Matt Green, Tony Edgar: Books

    [-B]Getting into >> Medical School 2012:[/B]Getting Into Medical School 2012 entry: Amazon.co.uk: Simon Horner, Steven Piumatti: Books

    -A Career In Medicine: Do You Have What It Takes?
    A Career in Medicine: Do You Have What It Takes?: Amazon.co.uk: Rameen Shakur: Books


    - Thinking Skills:
    Thinking Skills - (Cambridge University Press): Amazon.co.uk: John Butterworth, Geoff Thwaites: Books

    -Simple Statistics: A Course Book for the Social Sciences:Amazon.co.uk: simple statistics a course book for the social sciences: Books


    Please PM me with offers on the prcie. I live in London and am happy to meet to save on psatge if that is preferable.

    Also happy to help out with any queastions you might have about the process. Really do consider myself a bit of an expert now after 2 years researching and studying all there is to know about medicine- particularly grad medicine. Happy too say I have have offers from all Graduate Courses I applied to.

    Good luck to everyone!

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