The Conversion of a Doss-pot to Doctor

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    Hi, I'm Chris! :)

    I thought I would start one of these trailing blogs and update it every so often just to lay out my application for other in the future. Hopefully it'll be of some help if I get to Medicine eventually.

    Below is a summary of what has happened to date.

    Through school I was mid to top of my class, I generally worked hard and always had a keen interest in science. However I had always wanted to be a pilot as my mum had worked in airlines and my grand-dad had been an aero-engineer. Towards the end of my GCSEs I was told that I would never be allowed to be a pilot; this was due to complications with my visual fields and my inability to have full peripheral vision.

    Distraught from the news I went seeking another career, my interest turned to medicine. I started researching and found that universities needed A Level Biology and Chemistry for the degree. However I was ignorant of the fact that my school wouldn't let me take A Level Biology or Chemistry because I didn't take them at GCSE as I was picking subjects suitable for becoming a pilot!

    Demotivated from this and unsure of what I wanted to be in the future I sailed through my GCSEs and my subsequent A Levels not really caring how I performed, I felt like I didn't have anything to work for.

    A Level
    When it came to upper sixth I applied for Computer Science at university just because I was good with computers and I had performed well at GCSE. I had done experience and it seemed like an easy profession. Good employment prospects, a decent salary, average holidays. What wasn't to like?

    After my A Level results but before university I did some more work experience with my uncle at his Web Design company. I felt nothing for the job, I even found myself bored more often than not.

    Dropped Uni for Tech
    I decided to take a year out and see what I could do instead, I went to a local Tech to resit my maths and physics as I didn't want to waste a year 'on paper' as such.

    Whilst I was at tech I met a lot of prospective medical students who all had missed out by one grade or had achieved 3As and were reapplying. They all seemed so motivated to help people and to excel, their passion was infectious. Curious about it all I went along with one of them to St John Ambulance and I can honestly say I've never enjoyed anything as much in my life. Caring for patients and learning how to treat them is such fulfilling work. I particularly enjoy bringing patients through A&E, I just love that environment. I kept volunteering needless to say. :)

    I decided to take up a variety of work experiences to see what else interested me more about healthcare.

    I started volunteering in the hospital wards at my local trust as well as volunteering with Praxis Care too (I enjoyed this less than the hospital environment. ) I shadowed multiple professions (GP, Radiographer, Chemist, Nurse) and decided to apply for radiography with the intention of going on to do Graduate Medicine (GEM or 5 Year).

    It's been a fantastic journey up until now and I feel like I've matured so much since this time last year. I actually want to study and excel! I haven't felt this motivated in years, it's like I'm obsessed with admissions statistics and medical terminology! :D

    So that's me up until now. Below are some of my stats as it stands and what my hopes for the futures are.

    • 2 A* - ICT, LLW
    • 4 A - Maths, Physics, RE, Geography
    • 3 B - English Lit, English Lang.
    • 1 C - French

    A Level (A2 & AS)
    • A - ICT
    • C - Maths - Predicted A*
    • C - Physics - Predicted B
    • c - Geography

    Volunteering Experience
    • St John Ambulance - (7 Months)
    • Hospital Befriending - (2 Months)
    • Praxis Care Befriending - (2 Months)

    Work Experience
    • GP Shadowing (1 Week)
    • QUB Chemistry Research Dept. (1 Week)
    • Radiography (1 Day)
    • Nursing (1 Week)
    • Chemist (1 Week)

    Actual Work Experience
    • Self-Employed : Computer Technician (1 Year)
    • Retail: Shop Assistant (2 Years)

    ? - Biology - Predicted B

    Applied to
    Diagnostic Radiography (3 Year) - Ulster: Conditional : Firm (BB)
    Therapeutic Radiography (3 Year) - Ulster: Conditional : Declined
    Bio-medical Science (4 Year) - Ulster: Conditional : Insurance (B)
    Foundation to Medicine (1-6 Years) - Bradford: Withdrawn
    Paramedic Practice (3 Years) - Surrey: Unsuccessful : Came back with an offer for nursing :S : Declined

    In short here is the plan:
    • Hopefully get A*B in these resits.
    • Continue volunteering over the summer and do more work experience in hospitals/GPs.
    • Go to do a relevant degree over the next 3-4 Years get a 2:1 or better.
    • Get a years paid full time experience after the degree in a caring role (Radiographer if radiography, CA/HCA if Bio-Med. )
    • Apply to medicine and hope to get in by the second/third cycle of applying for GEM/5 Year Courses in the UK and in the , first cycle is very unlikely I'd say.
    • If all else fails go abroad and try for Medicine as a Graduate.

    If anyone has any general queries I could potentially help considering the vast amount of research that it's taken for me to get to this point!

    Thanks for reading and I'll be sure to update after exams! :)

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    Let the Procrastination Begin!

    With exams looming ever so close it seems my ability to procrastinate is becoming more and more acute. Not only have I successfully evaded nuclear physics, but I have also managed to avoid basic biology too!

    However I have come to a very definite conclusion. Men cannot multi-task - well I can't anyway. My efforts to revise are rendered utterly futile whilst trying to watch an episode of 'Bizarre ER' at the same time. Surely digesting all the medical knowledge I stumble across now will help me out later in life? Perhaps so, but hopefully I'll never stumble into a man with a shattered skull - or a wooden post lodged in his abdomen.

    Perhaps I should start revising again, sure it's only at least another 7 years before I'll be allowed to become a doctor. Maybe they'll have found a better way to fix a shattered skull by then. There's still a lot to do!

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    Me too!

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