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    Hello People,

    This thread is a place for discussion and providing advice to others seeking to secure a place at a medical school in Eastern Europe.

    A lot of students in the UK, mostly those who have been unable to get into a place in the UK, are now looking outside the UK. Yes i was one of them. However, this trend seems to be on the increase! However, its no easy job finding a decent medical school, with a recognised course. There are often language barriers and confusing walls that often deter individuals.

    Im now in my sixth year and studying in Romania. Over the last 5 years i have been in close contact with patients and even assisted in surgery. Personally im interested in vascular surgery and i have been fortunate enough to have been an instructor for microsurgical procedures at a microsurgery clinic for the past three years.

    One more year to go and hopefully i can come back and begin work. However, before i do i would like to answer any questions or just help out any others who may be confused or searching for some answers regarding this topic.

    Other than being rejected by UK med schools. There are other very good reasons for pursuing this avenue, the main one being the cheaper tuition fees and cheaper living cost. But i would like to hear from others who have gone down this road and those who are thinking about going down this avenue.


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    Hi Bphil

    I am also aiming to study abroad in Eu but am finding it really hard to find courses in English and good universities. I would appreciate if you can suggest someone to help me find good uni and in my application too.

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