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Stand Alone F2

Discussion in 'IMG Forum' started by pmechnik, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. pmechnik

    pmechnik New Member

    Dec 4, 2009
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    Halo, Dr's!

    I study in medical school which is the faculty of University of Latvia in Riga, Latvia. I am currently on my 5-th course out of 6 courses overall. I am the citizen of Latvia (EEA citizen). I am very interested in continuing my postgraduate (specialization) studies in the United Kingdom. So the only chance for me is to find a Stand-Alone F2 post. Please help me with my questions.
    1) In the present UK situation is it possible to find Stand-Alone F2 post?
    2) Are these S.-A. F2 posts the remains after the centralized competition? So these posts are not of best quality?
    3) If I am lucky to get this kind of post will I be able (is it possible) to catch up with those who started from F1 post and take part in competition on training posts on equal rights? How this usually happens?
    4) In the present UK situation what the progress will be: do all med-school graduates get places in Foundation and then in specialty training?
    5) As I understood UK isn't in need of junior doctors?

    Sorry for the amount of questions, but please help. Simply I don't want to lose time on F2 if it is likely that I will not get a place in ST1 etc. Thank you!

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