ST3 post in Cardiology as german internist


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Hi everyone,

I am german doctor in training (Assistenzärztin) in internal medicine in Switzerland and I will complete my training in Autumn 2017. After that, I would like to apply for a training post in cardiology or acute medicine as a specialist register (GMC). I have already got contact with the JRCPTB and GMC. GMC | Applying for entry onto the Specialist Register or GP Register

I will only need an alternative certificate of my training in Germany and in Switzerland for the application process for ST3.

It seems, I won't need to take the MRCP examinations, as I will apply as an EEA citizen and specialist. However, I am not sure if I can get an ST3 post, then I know the competition is fierce. Therefore, I need to improve my curriculum in Switzerland and I am actually considering applying for a MD programme in cardiovascular medicine in UK before to apply for ST3 post. I do not know anybody who has made this before and my friends and colleges are not so optimistic about that, but I won't give up.

I would be very grateful for any feedback you could give me on my plan.

If anyone needs information about how to apply for a training in Germany or Switzerland I could give advice as well.

Many greetings from Bavaria