So, what appeals to you about the School of Medicine at Cardiff?

Discussion in 'Cardiff Medical School' started by resortini, Nov 20, 2010.

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    Hello. I'm a Cardiff applicant, and have read through their website, however I didn't get chance to attend the Open Day, mainly because of the cost of the tran ticket!

    So, what else do you guys know about the medicine course at Cardiff, and what is it about the course and the uni that made you apply there?

    For example, I like the sound of their mixed apporach to teaching...
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    We are one of the last schools that does dissection to teach anatomy (check out though cos when I applied they did it in years 1 and 2 but by the time I got to year 2 they had to stop it, so at the mo as far as I know its only in year 1....)
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    Cardiff itself is great to start with. The night life is awesome, especially in the med school and overall it is a great city to be in.

    The med school is going through changes. They are introducing a pbl like structure soon and if you apply and get in, this will affect you. The staff here are great, they are very open to students and there is a great interaction. We have some prestigeous staff. It is only when you search the journals and textbooks that you realise you are being taught by leaders in the fields We have contributors to everything from Grays Anatomy to the BNF at Cardiff, not forgetting a Nobel Prize winner, Prof Evans.

    They are just finishing the renovation of the old building for 1st and 2nd years and nearly finished the new building for 3-5th years. We have the University Hospital Wales which is a mammoth teaching hospital, right in our lap. Out integration is such that we have lecture halls within the hospital. It is a privelage to study medicine amongst real patients. It is not a simulated experience at all.

    Cardiff Uni provides students to all the hospitals in Wales. This provides a wide experience for students. No other Med School has access to this many hospitals, changing enviroment and variety.

    Dissection is a privelage and an honour. You can do it optionally in Yr 2, but in reality it is only in Yr1 now. It is unique and something that sets us apart. Not many doctors have dissected to the bone. By the end of the 1st Yr, Cardiff students have months of scalpel experience and real anatomy knowlege. The pictures in Grays are comparable to using the Simpsons as a guide to anatomy. Textbooks are VERY different to the real deal.

    Cardiff has its issues, the admin can be very frustrating. The organisation skills of some of the years/departments/tutors could be so much better. But Medical Schools are constantly in flux and trying to improve. Cardiff has one of the highest exam failure rates, this is because it is a very hard degree in Cardiff. It is currently traditional and mostly lecture based. The wealth of information is intense and fast paced. The satisfaction is poor amongst students due to this.... the argument the staff make is a good one.. Cardiff students score highly as junior doctors by the GMC. Why ? Because we learn the hard way! We have around 300 start year 1. We lose 20-30 people in Yr 1. We gain about 15 in Yr 2 (from post grad entry) and from their on we lose very few, just one or two.

    I am glad to be here, I feel honoured to have a seat at Cardiff. It is tough, but not ONE of us would swap it for anything.


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