SJT has ruined my life, help!?

Discussion in 'Current Medical Students' started by Samuel Bird, Apr 13, 2018.

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    The SJT has ruined my life!

    I simply do not understand how the most important year as a foundation doctor can be dictated by sitting one exam, on one day, in one sitting (no retakes) accounting for 50% of your EPM with the other 50% from 4 years of medical school.

    Despite doing well at medical school, I have got my 223rd choice in the job allocations and ended up on the other side of Wales (I live in south wales). This means I leave my partner, my house and my very important support networks that have got me through the last 4 years. Despite suffering with mental health problems I never qualified for any extenuating circumstances (according to the UKFPO) in my final years and actually decided to power through and ended up with a fine EPM from the uni, but a bad score (not terrible) from the SJT

    My question is, does anyone else feel that the SJT works for the majority, but when faced with extraordinary circumstances, the system lets down those people who have fought the hardest for their place at medical school and those who want to achieve despite personal set backs.

    I have 3 choices ahead of me

    - Take the job offered and hope that the move does not affect my mental health (being away from my support network)
    - Retake 4th year despite passing everything and risk ending up in the same situation
    - Drop out altogether after graduation and rethink my career

    Has anyone had any similar experiences and if so what did they do?

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