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Scottish student offers 2010

Discussion in 'Scottish Highers' started by wannabemedic321, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. wannabemedic321

    wannabemedic321 New Member

    Nov 30, 2009
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    Could all Scottish students please post their offers here if they don't mind.

    Please include:

    Work XP
    Voluntary Work

    UKCAT score

    Higher Grades


    How your interview(s) went

    & Any other relevant information.
  2. 1rflqrmk

    1rflqrmk New Member

    Jan 29, 2010
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    Work XP:

    5 weeks at Nuffield Science Bursary Scheme-Clinical project based in university lab/hospital

    Voluntary Work:

    6 months at women's resource centre/ 6 months as an NHS volunteer in a ward/ 1 year as a youth leader for the Rainbows/Brownies/ Various organizing of events including fashion shows, talent show, school charity events/ Volunteering for St Margaret Hospice & Prince & Princesses Hopsice.


    Kayaking/ Creative Writing which has been published in various websites/ Drama & Role Playing/ Art & Design

    UKCAT score:


    Higher Grades:

    AAAABC in extenuating circumstances.

    This year sitting 3 Advanced Highers, a higher and an Open Univeristy course through the YASS scheme



    How your interview(s) went:

    Pretty Well with the excemption of mumblings and stutterings....and loads of urms and errrs...lol

    & Any other relevant information.
  3. TheRabbit

    TheRabbit New Member

    Jan 6, 2010
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    Work XP and Volunteering
    1 week at Freeman Hospital (NHS hospital in Newcastle)
    4 day Medic insight in NHS Lothian hospitals
    1 week in a Care home + regular volunteering there
    (1 week in a nursery which was mentioned at interview)

    Hockey (school and club)
    Clarinet and saxophone (in school/city wide bands)
    Explorer Scouts

    UKCAT 670

    5As (teacher mentioned in reference that they were all band 1)

    In S6 I did AH Chemistry, Biology, Applied Maths: Mechanics and Higher Art and Design

    Unconditional offer for Aberdeen

    Interview seemed to go well, art was a point for discussion
  4. Hilldo

    Hilldo New Member

    Jan 24, 2011
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    Could all Scottish students please post their offers here if they don't mind.

    Please include:

    Work XP - 1 day placements at a local hospital, a GP, a GDP and the Stirling Royal Infirmay.
    Voluntary Work - Teaching children brass instruments for my church - also lots of voluntary work in their childcare service
    Extra-Curricular - National Girls Choir for 2 years, National Youth Orchestra for a year. Working on Grade 8 French Horn and Piano, Play in local youth and adult orchestra, and play and sing in church choir and brass band.

    UKCAT score - 2790

    Higher Grades - 5 A's (Human Bio, Chem, Physics, English, Maths_

    Conditions - Unconditionals for Edinburgh and Dundee

    How your interview(s) went - Interview for Dundee was a real challenge with the stations. Glasgow and Aberdeen both went quite well, still waiting on answers (aaah! =S)

    & Any other relevant information. Music brought up as a point of discussion in all interviews.

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