Scores only please!!!

Stagger Lee

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Bleh. I've still got to choose where I want to apply. UCL, Imperial, Peninsula and one other. I was thinking ye olde QMC but it's another London one. My personal statement could do with some restructuring too.

Still, it'd be nice to apply to one which actually want the UKCAT. BMAT up next. Should be good.


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i don't think u did bad. for some reason everyone i know includig me! did averageish in ukcat ( 5 people below 550). just ignore peoples good scores on this forum cos im convinced their scores don't reflect the overall average


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Miss Monkey said:
Well done everyone, and thank god it's over now for most of us! Now just got to wait to see if we get any interviews!! :p
how the hell did you get those As results - there amazing!?
what u duing them in and what are you keeping on to a2?


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hehe I'm so slow. Finally got my results, was quite pleased, especially as i thought I messed up the quantitative reasoning.

Verbal reasoning: 720
Quantitiative reasoning: 670
Abstract reasoning: 710
Decision Analysis: 670

Not bad. I'm only applyin to one UCKAT uni tho! lol


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@ Fia
is it possible 2 apply 2 4 unis without the ukcat?? i kno der's quite a few dat dont want it but 4?? n y???? u got brill scores!!!!!! i think u shud! :)


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my scores were 660, 690 710 760 (avg 705) . That seems above average from what i've heard. There should be a poll to show results collectively so people can see where they stand.