Scores only please!!!


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why is there 2 results thread?

anyway, wasnt as bad as i imagined! did OK, could have done better though! but at least i'm average =D when i took the bmat last year, i got below average in EVERY SECTION! so woo! but then bmat was more challenging. bloody time constraints, would have done so much better if i had more time.

verbal reasoning - 600 =) right smack bang on average, ok!
quantitative reasoning - 590 :mad: guessed the last 30 odd questions LOL! i wanted more time dammit!
abstract reasoning - 570 :mad: i KNEW this would be my weakest and thats why i practiced it! goddamit
decision analysis - 810 o_O) :D :cool: woah! wernt expecting that!

so average 642.5

not bad, not 'genius' but what the hell, its OVER!



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I did very bad.

Verbal Reasoning: 400/900
Quantitive Reasoning: 530/900
Abstract Reasoning: 560/900
Decision Analysis: 620/900

My results are so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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VR - 560 (start of the exam, my brain wasnt in gear i had to keep reading over passages again and again!)
QR - 700 (jeese the maths was INTENSE at the time!)
AR - 810 (im good with shapes and stuff, i looked forward to this one!)
DA - 740 (quite good yeah this is where i filled the whiteboard up)

avg: 702.5 relatively pleased i was hoping to get better on VR im normally good at reading and stuff and bad at mental arithmetic.

bring on BMAT....sulk...sigh...moan...i am not living to be mentally tortured


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inventor-yen said:
I think the smiley gives it all away.
Excellent scores, Ugonna !

why thank u, whoever u are. because they're so low i'm ditching all hopes of doin medicine. Instead i'm pursuing a career in mime. :D


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gymmet said:
Obviously his scores are amazing, I was more wondering if he was taking the piss about being distressed about his 'low' scores.

(If it was a joke then sorry, I'm just a bit slow :rolleyes: )

OMG I AM NOT A MANBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ARGH! dont u know anything about nigerian names?????????????

i am female!

OMG, i shaking with anger. :eek:


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I think it was the picture of Homer Simpson that led me off...

You are a lovely lady. May I say how pretty you look this evening.


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gymmet said:

I think it was the picture of Homer Simpson that led me off...

You are a lovely lady. May I say how pretty you look this evening.

Why thank you and.... WAIT u cant butter me up with ur words and flattering remarks.

You thought i was a boy! I'm so insulted i could vomit.

thats like calling stephen fry, jim davidson.


Stagger Lee

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Basingstoke is a hole.

Verbal Reasoning: 660
Quantitive Reasoning: 780
Abstract Reasoning aka Silly Pictures: 570
Decision Analysis: 660

Average: 668.5/900

Got annoyed and bored with the abstract one as I thought it was pointless. Started picking whatever.

What are the med schools after?


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I Got:

Verbal Reasoning: 880
Quantative Reasoning: 670
Abstract Reasoning 680
Decision Analysis: 580

Average 702.5 :)


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Cheemin said:

I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't a little disappointed by my DA score.
wow way to post that after someone got 500 something and being disappointed too!

congrats tho!


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Did the test on Monday morning and got 800/700/860/620 - average 745. Dunno how on Earth I managed to get 860 for the abstract reasoning section, but I'm not complaining! :D

Very, very pleasantly surprised by my result! Well, more like shocked actually!!