Scores only please!!!


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Ok took the test today...

Verbal Reasoning: 620/900
Quantitive Reasoning: 570/900
Abstract Reasoning: 600/900
Decision Analysis: 670/900

Average: 615/900

Is this good, bad, or ok???

In otherwords do you think most medical school would accept this score?



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Average is 500-700. So you are definitely okay, they won't be asking for superhuman marks and they won't turn you down because of it I shouldn't imagine.

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Well done, there's nothing wrong at all with those results. I really wanna know now! Did you take the test today, or get your results via email? I'm so worried about the shapes bit... I basically guessed them all. Ooops.


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Took it today. It did involve some guess work, well quite a lot. I'm sure everything will be fine. I feel lucky that its all over for now, just got to get in somewhere!


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No worries, did find it quite challenging, managed to answer all the questions, if the lsat 10 or so were mainly guesses. Found the pictures and maths harder than the other 2. Good luck to everyone else.


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Hello all!
New to the site! Got my scores by email on Friday


Not too bad, I guess - condsidering I think I must have been one of the first to take it (July 11)! Had no idea about an online calulator or that there were study guides out there - or at least until a few weeks later and I read about them on the forum! ARGH! I guess it doesnt always pay to be hyper organized!! Good luck to everyone!



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'Not too bad'?? lol I'd love your results. And you did it without a calculator? You must be superhuman to get 670 on quantitative without a calculator!

Ooer. Still waiting for mine.


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@ kkerr WOWWOW!!!!!!!!! dats brill
i did mine on the 15th not 2 long after they started it
got as follows
VR - 560
QR - 670
AR - 560
DA - 870
average 665
very proud of the last section tho!:D lol
c'mon evry1 put up urs 2!


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Its natural! :) I hope you do well. Today I took my test and got an average of just above 700 if anyone cares.

One piece of advice is that the testing centre can be a bloody annoying test in itself; when you have people rushing in and out, people coughing, hyperventilating (like the poor sod next to me) and just the general environment itself. At one point (midway through the verbal) the invigilators thought some guy was cheating and rushed in and said "RIGHT THATS IT! Get him out!" I turned my head around to see who it was and from my cursory glance thought they were pointing at me! So I dutifully got up to leave with my hands up in exclamation and annoyance but of course they were referring to someone else. Maybe thats why I am moaning at all come to think of it. Anyway, I did find it very hard to settle in and zone in on the tasks in anycase. So get your brain into gear and psyched up before you give the test a bash or you will feel like bashing other people ;)
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Thank you Gymmet and Anusha! It is a nerve-wracking process!! Have you not taken yours yet Gymmet? The best advice I can give - is work through the test with a plan, i.e. do the ones you are comfortable with first - mark the ones you need to come back to (the computer should allow you to do this - when you get to the end of the question). Keep a VERY close eye on the time. Once you reach the point of having about 2 min. left - start going back over the ones you havent answered an making educated guesses - just make sure you dont leave any blank! And remember that almost everyone ran out of time on most of the sections - you will be ahead of the game if you can confidently answer the majority of questions, and then have time to go back and make educated (or random if need be) guesses! GOOD LUCK!!!! You will be fine!


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Benjywengy, I had a similar thing with the test centre but not quite; there was a foreign woman - think she was Indian - who obviously didn't understand the concept of keeping quiet during test conditions and so kept talking really loudly to the invigilator and asking him questions, and he had to keep coming in and shushing her. Most offputting.

KKerr, yeah I have taken the test, did it on 16th August; thanks very much for the advice though! I just got kinda freaked out by the prospect of the results when I saw that another guy on here got roughly 890 for all his scores :rolleyes:

Still, we'll all know by Friday. Average is all I ask!


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I got:

Verbal Reasoning: 600
Quantitative Reasoning: 680
Abstract Reasoning: 650
Decision Analysis: 590

Not too bad but im a bit worried about the Decision Analysis, seems like everyone scored really highly on this (in the 700s or at least their top one) but mine was relativly low and from its description it seems like the most applicable to medicine, but it was becasue i ran out of time and didnt have time to even guess :-S

Oh well, over and done with now


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I got

VR 580
QR 590
AR 660
DA 700

What do you think?? quite average. They're ok, at least I have good GCSES and As grades to make for it. (I hope)


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Did mine on Saturday, and got

Verbal - 680
Quantitative - 700
Abstract - 700
Decision analysis - 660

Was pretty pleased, as i came out of it thinking it had gone horribly wrong. Well done everyone on your scores