Revision Techniques - Help needed please!


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Hey everyone,
I'm an externally resitting med student from the Uni of Bham - what this means of course, is that I'm on a gap year and I have to resit the MCQ and SAQ paper for the MJM module from the first year in the summer. I'm not technically considered a student this year, so I can't go to lectures or use the uni facilities. But if I pass the retake, I go into second year around Oct.

I've been thinking over 'what went wrong' and I've come to the conclusion that my revision techniques must be at fault. For GCSEs and A Levels, I always made sure my notes were up to date, but my actual ''revision'' only started a few weeks before the exams. This obviously worked fine since I got into med school, but in the Jan exams of first year, I wasn't even managing to scrape passes (most of my results were in the 40 percentish area)..

MJM is a lot of anatomy, so I've been using the Aclands Anatomy atlas from webct to revise (which has seriously helped me to visualise muscles and attachments etc.) but there's also a lot of clinical stuff, and some muscle physiology, dreaded histology etc..

So what I want to know is how did YOU revise for first year at med school? I'm particularly asking med students from Birmingham Uni.. Did you guys prepare before lectures? Did you make notes during lectures? And if so, to what extent/detail? How did you remember all the attachments and innervations of muscles? What were your notes like.. were they paragraphs/bullet points/tables? Did you ever use the anatomy rooms in the library? Which key textbooks did you use for each of the modules in first AND second year? How soon did you start your revision before the exam? Per week, how many hours did you spend on each module - excluding time spent on APs?

Did you practice any past paper questions? Birmingham only provide one SAQ paper usually for each module.. and no MCQs.. so did you use any workbooks/textbooks which had questions in, or any other specific resources online?

As much detail as you can give me would really be appreciated!
Thank you :D

P.s. Does the course get any easier as the years go on??