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Hey, :lol:

wood u guys recommend my applyin 4 anatomical sciences courses as my 5th & 6th ucas course options? :? i wood b doin this wiv a view 2 a GEP but fink i wood find anatomy mor interestin than striat biochem or such like!! where r the best courses? im lookin at manc & bris as the contenders a the mo, good/ bad/ indifferent? thanx x :D


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I applied for Bris... but it has horse stuff in the course and so isn't just strictly human. I have completed a degree in Anatomical Sciences at Cardiff and absolutely loved it. Of course there is a overlap in the first year with Biochem and physiology degrees... but from the 2nd year it is purely anatomy (of the whole body) neuroanat, development, cell biology and research modules. I thought the whole course was fantastic, and although the first year dragged, I enjoyed every bit. At Cardiff there are only approx 12 places, but a lot of people apply, like you, as their 5th 6th choices. This is a great shame as its a fab course on its own - and you have seminar based learning which means that the lecturers know you personally, which really makes a difference to your progress (and for future ref's etc).

If you need to check this out email the admission tutor

Dr Alvin Kwan

or you can PM me. I help Dr Kwan with the open days at Cardiff so I can answer some of your q's if you would like.




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BTW - 3 of the 12 in my year went on to do med. 2 more from my year are thinking of applying.



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Ah, Dr. Kwan, now that's a name I've not heard (or read) in a long time! He kindly offered me a place on the anatomical sciences programme a few years ago, but I found myself migrating away from the pre-clinical science courses, in the direction of clinical microbiology. Despite currently reading med. micro., I am lured to medicine once again to pursue this field further, OR embark upon a career in histopathology (possibly) which I enjoy immensely. :confused: Spending 3-months shadowing pathologists and the mortuary technicians kind of leaves a lasting impression. ;)