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Hi all,
My friend has interviews at a few unis for radiography and she was trying to find out what sort of questions she might be asked. Can anybody help? Would be very grateful;)

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Diagnostic or therapeutic?

I would imagine the questions will test her knowledge of what the job entails, whether she has spent time in a diagnostic/therapeutic department and what she learnt from it. With therapeutic radiography, the questions can focus on the fact that you'll spend a lot of time treating terminally ill patients and how you would cope with that. You also have to show an understanding of the fact the work itself can be quite repetitive whilst the interaction with patients makes the job interesting and challenging. Perhaps showing an interest in medical technology and how it works.

Diagnostic involves shift working, therapy generally doesn't because cancer patients don't want to spend the weekend in the department having treatment; whereas obviously diagnostic departments have to be operational 7 days a week.

I suppose, for example, if she's applied for diagnostic radiography, they might ask why not therapeutic radiography - I think it's a good idea to have a grasp of what both disciplines are and involve because they're quite different (some student diagnostics have no idea what we do in radiotherapy and to me at least it shows they haven't really done their homework as to what career they want to do). I can only say why I chose therapeutic - continuity of care for patient (seeing them every week day for 4-6 weeks), ability to build up a good patient-practitioner relationship over a reasonable period of time and working with state-of-the-art technology (LINACs). I suppose to want to do diagnostics you would be more interested in the excitement of an A&E department, constantly seeing different patients etc.

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Hi I was wondering if I can get some more info on Radiography. My country only offers Bsc Radiography but I would like to know if that includes Diagnostic as well because that's the one I want to pursue. I tried the college for more info but they weren't of any help.
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J-ash what country are to referring to? If it's the UK well actually you can get MSc Diagnostic Radiography pre-registration courses. I think the are 3 Unis that offer this if you include Scotland. I'm at Teesside University currently on the course


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Hello I currently do 2Alevels 1AS and an EPQ I know many unis for radiography do not want people with an AS in biology but, would anyone know of any unis that would accept it?