Psychology Pill Vs Knife

Not sure if this is the right place to post this.

I apologise if this is a bit rambly. I've only just started thinking about this topic and my knowledge of it is patchy at best. I find it quite fascinating though so if anyone else can add/direct the topic, I'd be much obliged.

I've been reading a bit about lobotomies and its modern day derivatives.

From what I can gather both medical and surgical treatments for psychological disorders have unwanted side-effects. First of all, both assume a physiological basis for pschological disorders, both are criticised for their "normalisation" of people. They seem to remove in someway a vital spark of personality that exists. One of the first american practitioners of lobotomy Freeman said "lobotomy patients may make good citizens", which is rather scary.

My first question is to what extent is it acceptable to remove one disorder if in that process you change the personality of the patient? Should we be paying more attention to quantifying personality changes as a side-effect? Not an easy task I'm sure, but I know several people who had stopped taking medication because they felt like they weren't themselves when taking it.

My second question is what criteria must be met in order to warrant neurosurgery, as opposed to a drugs based treatment?

We seem to shy away from surgery, partially I imagine because of the invasiveness and potential complications that ensue, but I also think that it is also because the procedures suffer from the bad reputation of the original lobotomy experiments. From what I have read however, they can yield extremely successful results.

Any thoughts on this?

Hey Weegie,

I had a feelin' you might reply. :D Cheers for that. I do have more questions, but not got much time to write them right now.

I've been reading about Cingulotomies in a book called "Opening Skinner's Box - Great Psychological Experiments of the 20th Century". Have you read it? Its really good. Does anyone do those in the UK?

Anyway, I will write more as soon as I get some time.