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Problem with ear/hearing

Discussion in 'Otolaryngology' started by ronjr009, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. ronjr009

    ronjr009 New Member

    Jun 15, 2010
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    I'm a 34 year old male who has had an issue with my hearing for as long as I can remember. An attempt was made to correct it but only mildly successful.

    As a young boy, my parents and grandmother always wondered why I struggled with my hearing. While in Tampa, Florida, about 20 years ago, my Granmother made an appointment for me to see an ear/nose/throat specialist (Edward Kampsen if I remember correctly). After confirming the hearing loss at approximately 60 % and going to the audiologist and so forth, it was decided that they would perform "exploratory surgery" to see what could be done. During the surgery, a fractured stirrup was found. A piece of plastic was fashioned to replace the stirrup and cartilage was removed from my ear to fuse it in place with the anvil and stirrup. It helped a little but not much. Another surgery was done 2 years later..... This time, scar tissue was found where the new stirrup had been fused. After healing, more audio tests didn't confirm much of an improvement. After all this, I decided to make the most of it since I had learned to adjust and cope with the situation. As I get older now at 34, I would love to improve my hearing as I know i will gradually lose it as I increase in age. Here is one very interesting note........ If I plug my nose an blow, my hearing is good in the left ear so i know the potential is there..... only problem is..... It looks a little weird when I do this to try and hear someone or something when it is important. Imagine with me walking into a bank when the wife calls and you plug your nose up so you can hear her better on the phone and all the looks one gets, (they may think someone passed gas). Anyways, what options are out there medically that could help me to have the hearing that I want in my left ear. Could you give me a reccomendation on a physician in the tri-cites (Bristol, Kingsport, Johnson City or even Knoxville) area of Tennessee? Thanks in advance.

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