Pass mark?


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Anyone take a guess at the approximate pass mark? I know the algorithm they use to draw up the actual passing mark but what % do you think would be the lowest to guarantee a pass?

I reckon 70% should just scrape through?

Anyone else have any thoughts?


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Sorry it took a while to get back to you. Been a little busy. Pass mark for Part A when I sat it was 166/253.

Part B slightly more complex.

Overall pass mark 171/256.
Also minimum marks in 5 broad content areas of:
28/40 for anatomy and surgical pathology,
19/32 for surgical skills and patient safety,
26/48 for communication skills,
26/48 for applied surgical science and critical care,
45/80 for clinical skills

Also minimum pass marks in 6 domains of:
40/80 for clinical knowledge
16/32 for clinical skills
14/28 for technical skills
24/48 for communication
16/32 for decision making and problem solving
18/36 for organisation and planning.

Hope that helps!


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Thanks for that (sorry its a bit belated!)
I passed!

..and now on to part B!

Absolutely bricking it about the viva. Can anyone share their experience? Is it a question of being taken through some pre set questions or are the exmainers allowed to hand you a prosection and "freestyle"?

If anyone can recommend any books too, that would be great.;)