Offers/Rejections 2008


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Thanks for the info, DGS32 :)

By saying 'transfer' do you mean e.g. going to 2nd year med after one year of biochem? Or simply applying again through ucas for level 1 medicine, but with added advantage of having 1 year medicine-relevant education?

Because they can't really stop you from re-applying to UCAS, and 1 year of biochem would still count (obviously not for a 100% certain teleportation to 1st year of medical course, but your chances rise regardless.. and you don't lose anything, really - if you get rejected you still have next year, and in the end u can graduate & THEN re-apply, once more)


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I meant that they don't offer an internal transfer. I think in St andrews, their Biomed students can try for a transfer to medicine, but maybe that isn't internal either.

You're right though, they can't stop you applying for 1st year entry through UCAS, during your 1st year of Biochem. I just don't know how favourably they would look upon quitting the science degree.
I know Aberdeen used to allow this to happen under 'exceptional circumstances' (whatever they may be), but their stance seems to have changes to 'under no circumstances'.

I guess the best people to ask, is the admissions office itself.


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Well I can't be sure psycgrad, but on the other hand there's no rules that say they're not allowed to apply.. if you know what I mean ;)

In my mind, a person who applies during their 1st/2nd/3rd year of first degree & who does not intend to finish it can be treated in the same way by UCAS as someone who e.g. dropped out from a degree (did not fail, just decided not to continue it).

Both these people should be allowed to apply to UCAS, it's universities' decision whether they'll consider the incomplete degrees or will simply rely on the previous qualifications (A-levels, for example). One way or the other, re-application should be possible in my opinion.

As DGS32 mentioned, a university may not look favorably on someone who decides not to finish their first degree, but on the other hand you could say in your personal statement that medicine was your choice from the very beginning . Due to being rejected the first time, u decided to do something that would increase your medically-related knowledge and allow you to re-apply without wasting 1 year on something unproductive..