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Congratulations. I am so cheesed off!! I haven't even got an interview and they are handing out offers! At this rate I am never going to get one :(


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well done Jenny!! when did you have your interview? i have mine on the 16th Jan and i cant wait lol but just wondering how long they took to offer you a place :) xoxox

Jenny Lockhart

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thanks so much. it was on 6th december so pretty quick!!
i asked one of the interviewers when will we find out about the decision of our application and he said that two people interview a select number of people and then give out offers/rejections so theres no way of knowing wen u will get a decision.
good luck to you tho! is aberdeen your first choice? it is mine!! :)


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Anybody is an international applicant..??

anybody is an international applicant...? have you heard anything from ur uni? thanksS,,,


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Got an Unconditional through on UCAS Track today as well! :eek:
My interview was only on the 13th so really quick turnaround.
The interviewers said that they want to get through everyone so I wouldn't hear until about March but then I got the email today!
V. Chuffed :D
totally agree Jenny, amazing present!
Best of luck to everyone!


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congratulations! that's terrific- you're so lucky to know so early on.
just wondering, is there anyone else out there who had an aberdeen interview late nov/early dec who hasn't heard anything yet?
just me?
(beginning to think that's not a good thing...)

Miss Monkey

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Good luck Lorah. :) No idea why I'm in this thread really as I'm not applying for Aberdeen (too far away for me hehe!) but here I am! Well done to those who have offers.


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Got a conditional yesterday! yay! had my interview at start of december, condition is to get a 2.1 in current degree (biomed at aberdeen!). Appeared on UCAS track in late morning and on Aberdeen portal the next day.

I know a lot you are getting nervous waiting for answers. just hold on, not long to go!


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congratulations!!!!!! im still waiitng meself but judging on my current exam performance an offer would be wasted on me


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well done everyone with offers! you are the same as me caroline, unless u have been offered a place since you posted that comment. I am starting to really worry now too,I had my interview on the 13th of december and i have already done my A levels, so if i was to be a offered a place it would be unconditional like jenny, but i haven't heard a thing!!! ;'( nooooo!


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Does anyone have an offer from both Glasgow and Aberdeen?
Anyone know of anyone who has an offer from both ... ?