*NEW* Duke Elder Examination Prize *2008*


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I am new to this website and I am interested to sit for the Duke Elder Exams this year. I have read from the other threads that some people have got limited revision time and managed to cover quite a lot. However, myself I have my other hospital attachments to attend to, so study time is limited w/o sacrifice.


Anybody here know anything about the new format of the exams. Yeah they have sample questions from the official website, but I feel it is not enough. Also Kanski in this case seem to have less importance(to me?), considering they are focussing on the more clinical aspect of Ophthalmology.

1. Anybody got tips on how to approach the study
2. Anybody got tips or info from their tutors/lecturers?
3. Any recommended revision books for clinical aspect?

Thanks a lot.


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Hi, that new format of exam is very easy mate.
It seems it was not even equal to 60% tough..
That is what i heard for my friends.