My UKCAT score - help

This is my UKCAT score:

Verbal reasoning: 590
Quantitative reasoning: 670
Abstract reasoning: 740
Decision analysis: 650
Situational judgement: band 2

Is it good for an international student (from the EU)? I read everywhere that the people applying to the good schools have above 700.

I want to apply to Glasgow, Dundee and St. Andrews (I wanted KCL but was told that my score is too low).


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It's going to depend on the school and strength of the rest of your application.
I'm not current with the required scores, but it's not a bad one overall.

You mentioned "good" schools. What do you mean? All medschools are equal when applying for junior Dr posts in the UK. The "rankings" are a load of tosh basses on irrelevant factors. It's just about where your happy, and will enjoy your 5-years.

You can't succeed at medical school if your not happy there.

Good luck, have fun!