Mrcs Or Wait!


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Dear Friends,
I am in a dilemma about whether to give MRCS or not?
I have some PRHO experience and now got F1 placement and wish to pursue a career in surgery. An Year or two ago i would have straight away attempted MRCS exam. But presently due to MMC, the MRCS is being phased out. I am confused as to which exam to study for. and when will the Royal colleges introduce a new exam in place of MRCS and what will be its syllabus and format!!

ANY comments in this regard will be much appreciated!


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I am a med student so probably not the best person to advise but...

It seems sensible to pose your question to the Royal College of Surgeons. I cannot imagine people with the current MRCS will be disadvantaged simply because a new system materialises. Waiting to see what the government comes up with is much more likely to damage career prospects...


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I would take it as it still counts towards further applications and is not going to do you any harm. Well except for all that annoying revision


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Where did you get it is being phased out from?

I would take it. They will ask you about it at your MTAS interviews and it is now such a joke it is not too hard to pass. I would certainly take part A before the interview.


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This original question was posed nearly three years ago. I'm guessing they figured something out in the end. ;-)


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Lol, I'm assuming what primiero was referring to in 2007 was the replacement of the old Part 1,2 and 3 with the current Part A and B OSCE system.