Medics Mixed Hockey


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Its damn cool.

I'm in the Manchester Medics Freshers XI and we're awesome, we beat the 2nd XI 2-1 last week. I've missed hockey so much and I'm glad to be playing it again. Any other hockey players out there?


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yeah i am a hockey nutter but not at uni yet just got an offer from brighton and sussex. Just wondering how much free time you get to play hockey; how many times do you train a week and how many games do you get to play a week. i no it sounds really silly but htis is my biggest concern about studying such a hard course that i wont be able to play hockey ,,,how true is this?


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I can't believe you're talking about scores.

Mixed hockey is a drinking club with a sports problem.

(p.s. all welcome to come down for a quick match and a few bevvies with BL Mixed Hockey, get in touch.)

Dr Noodle

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I love hockey...played right full back for six years with the same girl as my corresponding left full back. We really mastered the seesaw movement. Hope there's some serious hockey wherever I wind up:)


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FYI Noodle, Peninsula have a medics hockey team, I've only come across them once, but they seem to be ok (although Manchester 2's beat them in competition [by competition, I mean not just hockey]).


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just back from NAMS 2008... Liverpool victory!! - won over Peninsula in the cup final so Dr Noodle it looks like they've got some good hockey going on down there don't worry!


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Really? Peninsula got to the final? :(

Glad Liverpool won, they're one of four NAMS hockey teams I have respect for (I want a Liverpool Doctors' team hoody!).

I gather Manchester fielded two teams, but only on nights out and were seen streaking and drinking redbull during the day.


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