Medical textbooks ideal for 4th and 5th years


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Dear Fourth and Fifth Years,

Currently a final year at Imperial, I am selling the following books in new or excellent condition at better value than Amazon. These were great for year 5 but not going to use them for finals.

* Lissauer, Illustrated Textbook of Paediatrics: £25

* Magowan, Clinical O+G (new): £25

* Llewelyn-Jones, Fundamentals of O+G (new): £25

* Psychiatry Crash Course: £10

* MasterPass, SBA Paeds: £10

* MasterPass, SBA O+G: £10

* MasterPass, SBA Psych: £10

* Pathology Illustrated (new): £40

* Histology Illustrated Colour Text (new): £20

* Haematology Illustrated Colour Text (new): £20

* Gladman, Secrets of Success: Getting into foundation training (new): £10

* Eccles, The Medical Careers guide (new): £10

If you are interested, please email on or give me a call on 07745537687.

Many thanks,