Medical school in Europe + gain citizenship

Hi everyone,

I just recently turned 30 and am thinking again of entering medical school, but this time in continental Europe. I am an American citizen born and bred, but wish to permanently emigrate to Europe, attending medical school as a first step in getting residence.

I created this account on this forum when I was only 19 (!), but a few years after I ended up studying chemical engineering after already having completed a B.Sc. in mathematics and a B.Sc. in biology. Thereafter I had many personal problems, including health, family and financial. Right now I am trying to get back into life. The drive to study medicine came back to me, as medicine has been my dream since I was a small boy.

I am especially interested in choosing countries to study in that offer multiple citizenship. That means no schools in Spain or Germany (though if Catalonia finally formally declare independence, I will once again consider Barcelona) because those countries prohibit multiple citizenship, requiring one to renounce the original citizenship before gaining the new citizenship.

In the time that I had problems in mid mid- and late-20s, I started improving my foreign languages, spending a lot of time on trying to get as high a level as I could. I always had something in me that allowed me to learn languages quickly. So right now I estimate my languages at these CEFR (European language framework) levels:

Spanish: C2
Portuguese: ~C1
Italian: ~C1
French: ~B2
Dutch: ~B2
Norwegian: ~B2
Swedish: ~B1
Danish: ~B1
Czech: ~A2
Polish: ~A2
German: poor

Right now I really like Portugal and Italy as my first and second picks since I love the countries plus they allow multiple citizenship.

With this in mind, does anyone have any information about where would be good to apply to medical schools in my case? Thank you.


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Hi, I'm afraid, I don't know ani medical school that can help you, but I have question to you.

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