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    Applying for medicine is tough. Depending on your school and background, you'll all be getting different amount of information on the medicine UCAS process and about the career as well. So a few senior medical students have decided to found an organisation called MedApplications. MedApplications aims to help prospective medics like yourselves to get a better idea about the minefield that is UCAS medicine applications.

    We are hosting our headline conference at King's College London this year. It is a 2 day conference held on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th October which intends to give students a comprehensive overview of everything you should know for the next couple of years (and onwards!). We are offering:

    -Tips and advice from the head of admissions at Imperial College London
    -UKCAT and BMAT workshops to give yourself a competitive edge (with a chance to win free UKCAT/BMAT books from Kaplan)
    -Talks from Lucy and Andy from BBC's Junior Doctors!
    -Work experience and how to apply for it
    -Practical workshops where you all get to be doctors and see how it's all done
    -A sample lecture to show you how life at medical school is like
    -A talk on specialties in medicine
    -A chance to meet senior medical students, who will give you invaluable advice (we've all been through it!) and answer any burning questions you may have
    -And many, many more!

    For more information on our programme, please visit our website: Home

    Tickets are £55 for the early bird offer. Let your friends know about this event as well, I'd highly recommend it! As MedApplications is run by senior medical students, we know exactly what applicants are going through. This conference, therefore, is specifically designed to give you a competitive edge.

    If you have any questions please get in touch with me. Good luck, and hopefully see some of you at the conference at the end of the month!
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