malpractice insurance for elective in the uk?

Discussion in 'International Medical Students' started by zakws, Apr 5, 2018.

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    Apr 5, 2018
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    I've applied to hospitals in the UK to do an elective placement there, and I've been given a provisional acceptance so long as I can get malpractice insurance coverage for the time period during which I will be doing my placement. There doesn't seem to be any company in the UK that provides malpractice insurance for international students for elective purposes and the MDS/MPS/MDDUS..etc all said they can't be of any assistance. The only company I'm aware of that does it is the AMPI (Academic Group) but for some reason they've stopped providing insurance for electives outside of the US for the time being and i've contacted them multiple times, doesn't seem like they're gonna be back any time soon (my elective starts June 2018)

    Figured I'd ask here in case anyone was in a similar situation or has any clue how i can resolve this issue!


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