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Discussion in 'Leicester Medical School' started by Farhana95, Aug 18, 2012.

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    Im in year 13 at college, and after receiving some pretty poor AS grades i'm now having to reconsider whether I can apply to do medicine, at my first choMy GCSEs are 8A*, 2As and 1 B, but my AS levels were 3As a B in biology and a C in chemistry. Realistically do i have any hope of securing an interview at Leicester....did anyone have a similar experience then have to resit.

    My UKCAT is on tuesday - what should i be aiming for now!

    Sorry for all the questions but i would greatly appreciate any advice thanks x
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    Leicester score your top 8 GCSEs and your ukcat score. For the GCSE bit you'll obviously gain full marks and if you get a good UKCAT score I'm sure you'll be fine :)
    If your school predict you AAA at A level including chemistry and biology, you should be a pretty ok applicant :)
    I'd advise applying to Nottingham as they also score by UKCAT and top 8 GCSEs. The admissions tutor at Nottingham said that they only "glance" at AS grades :)

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