Kiwi living in england but wanted to go back!


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hey guys i was just wondering if anyone could help me understand how i would go about studying medicine in New Zealand. Whenever looking into it ive always had the problem of there being loads of info for people going to NZ but not anything for if you are already an NZ citizen.

So basically, hopefully its easier being a citizen already but what qualifications are they looking for etc and what would i need to do before applying?

thanks for any help, i appreciate this is perhaps something only a few people know about though



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hey leo cheers for the help. Due entirely to myself im sure i didnt manage to really make sense of what the entry requirements are from the site though, id tried before but couldnt get my head round what they were saying. Im going to have to call them i think but was wondering if anyone on here could help :)

thanks again


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Hey Dom,

No that's entirely fair enough, the text on the site is fairly impenetrable.

As you say, a person may be able to tell you simply if what you've got
is sufficient for entry.

Best Wishes with your application...