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    Hi guys
    I remember what it was like having to hunt around access courses and med schools so this is just a word of encouragement: it can be done.

    I went to Lambeth college to do their access course on the back of an English degree and two years of failed applications to various graduate entry courses. The access route was my last chance. I was lucky enough to get on to an A2M course. I worked hard. I worked nights and weekends in causality as an HCA.

    That year I got a single interview for med school. I nailed it and 7 years later I have completed my course , survived F1/F2 and am now a histopathology Registrar. It's been a long and not particularly scenic route but persistence pays.

    Don't give up. You will get rejections. Learn from them. Make yourself better for the next year.

    Good luck!
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