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Discussion in 'Australian Medical School Entry' started by spottymuldoon, Aug 11, 2009.

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    Hi guys, I am from Ireland and have a Bachelors degree achieved this year. I did badly in the first 3 years (had to repeat the third year) but knuckled down and got a 1.1 (top marks).

    I am sitting the GAMSAT in March and then will be applying to schools. I've recently been looking at studying Graduate Entry Medicine in Australia but its hard to find good info on the colleges. I am predicting a GAMSAT score of over 60 so that should be enough to get me an interview. Is an interview mandatory with all colleges? How many colleges can I apply to and how many interviews can I have?

    I'm weighing my options up at the moment, but it would be a dream to study med in Australia. Provided I get the GAMSAT score I need, are my chances good? And what specific schools should I be looking at (schools that accept international applicants with GAMSAT as their admissions test)?

    Also, I have no experience working in hospitals or anything like that.

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