Intercalated BMedSci at Aberdeen


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Hey guys, was hoping someone might be able to help give some advice regarding the intercalated BMedSci.

I'll be starting this Sep with a lab-based project. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on doing well (aiming for a 1st) and also if the degree classification takes into account your previous years' grades or if it's a stand-alone grade that only takes into account your BMedSci exam results and dissertation scores. Thanks! :)


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Not sure if you have had a reply yet via message but i did an intercalated year at aberdeen from 2012-2013 so will try to help where i can. I didnt do a lab project but a few of my friends did so have some knowledge of what they were doing. What advice are you looking for?
And no, your intercalated mark has nothing to do with previous year grades. It is standalone with regards to your exam marks and your thesis/dissertation.
What is your lab project in/who are your supervisors?